Five Closet Must-Haves for Women

There are times when not even one out of the shirts or pants or dresses we have in our closet seem to fit our mood for the day. We all have those pieces we always wear when nothing else seems right. In order to get that effortlessly beautiful kind of look should wear like elegant champagne sequin bridesmaid dress, or we should have these five must-haves in our closet for when we have no idea what to wear for that day.


This is an obvious one. There’s nothing more versatile than this and you can pair this with ANYTHING. Going out to walk your dog? Pair it with shorts and a pair of  Nike Roshe. Attending a business meeting? Overlay it with a black blazer, pencil skirt and black pumps. You can never go wrong with a basic white shirt.


Every woman knows that she needs a little black dress that can be used for any event. It’s important to invest in one that’s special and unique though. Look for an LBD with an interesting detail, like sleeves with shoulder pads or with fringe beads.


Whether it’s a fringe necklace or that sterling silver amazon earrings, it would totally take a lazy outfit to a whole new level. Having a statement accessory gives you the dazzle that you need. It can make a simple outfit look so much better.


It’s the classic shoe to have because it will never go out of style. This is perfect piece to wear with jumpsuits and rompers for women for a casual and classy look. The black pumps will automatically give you that boost of confidence and a touch of elegance that a woman should always possess.


It’s not all the time we could wear heels. So for an everyday look, go for a pair of cute flats. They are chic and comfortable so what else could look for in a pair of shoes right? Just like a plain white tee, you can pair this with anything as well for example swimwear boutique bathing suits. It will give a soft and feminine touch to your basic or classy outfit.

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