In-Store Shopping vs. Online Shopping

Due to the easy access of internet, more and more people use it everyday. It’s possible to do almost anything with the internet. It can be used for entertainment, information, education, and of course, business. A number of people and companies have ventured into online business and e-commerce. If you’re a fan of online shopping, you might know Amazon, Zalora, Ebay, and other similar sites. These sites are online versions of the stores we go to in the malls or on the streets. It’s a bit confusing to choose which is better, so here is a comparison between the two. You be the judge.



A lot of people prefer shopping where it is most convenient. The probability of waiting in long lines to check out what you’ve bought and facing traffic on your way to the mall and back home is something people definitely don’t want to go through, especially when they’re trying to relieve stress through shopping. Online shopping makes shopping easier for you can do it anytime, anywhere just as long as you have wifi.In some sites, it’s a must for customers to use a credit card as mode of payment but there are some that allow cash on delivery. Winner: Online Shopping



As much as online shopping is convenient, it limits a person’s need to personally see and touch the item esp. those pricey ones like silver engagement rings for women. Some customers want to be very sure that the item they buy is exactly what they’re looking for. They want to touch the material that the item is made of, they want to see every inch of the item to make sure there no damages in order to avoid the hassle of returning it. Going in-store shopping caters to this need as you can personally visit the store and inspect the items all you want. You don’t want to buy an amazon sterling silver earrings and receive a cheap & light plastic silver earrings, do you? Winner: In-store Shopping



Time is precious, they say. When you want something, sometimes you want it right then and there. With in-store shopping, you’re good. However with online shopping, you might want to gather some patience because it may take a while for your item/s to arrive. This is actually a tie because with in-shopping, you save waiting time but have the possibility of waiting in a queue. On the other hand, you save time by shopping in the comforts of your own home, but have to wait days before the item can reach your hands.


Personal Relationships

With online shopping, you’re own your own. Although there’s customer service and an area where you can ask questions, but because it’s not face to face, it may take a while for someone on the other end could reply. With in-store shopping, there’s a sales lady who will assist you in choosing clothes, helping you fit esp. tankini swimsuits for women, and advising you what looks better. If you don’t feel like a sexy fitting dress suits you, the sales lady can get you an elegant one piece jumpsuit as an alternative. With this, you create a relationship with the people in the store, which is also good for the business because it can strengthen their business-consumer relationship.


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